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Taffi T. Crawford Domestic Violence Foundation


Taffi T. Crawford Domestic Violence Foundation

The Taffi T. Crawford Domestic Violence Foundation (TTCDVF) was organized by friends, family, and colleagues of late Taffi T. Crawford.  TTCDVF is a catalyst for social change – empowering people to take action at the local, state and national level to ensure safety, justice, accountability and healing for people whose lives are affected by violent relationships.  Our goal is to educate, intervene, prevent domestic violence, and save lives. This organization will provide assistance and referral services to victims and survivors of domestic violence.  Our objective is to provide an emergency shelter for victims who have escaped their abuser and seek a safe-haven. The TTCDVF will partner with other nonprofit organizations, local, state, and federal government agencies, religious organizations, educational institutes, private businesses, individuals, donors, and volunteers to accomplish the goal, mission, and vision of this entity.

Board of Directors

Evette Porter
Reginald and Tangela Jones
Marti Lee
Jemeca Pointer
Cheryl Saulsberry

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


  • To promote safe and healthy individuals, families, and communities.


  • Promote safe and healthy families, individuals and communities through education, intervention, and prevention; working to end domestic violence in our lives.


  • Partner with local shelters and agencies assisting in community education while guiding and sustaining individuals and families on the journey from chaos and fear to healing and restoration. 
  • Provide awareness to the on-going problem of domestic violence amongst teens 
  • Strives to force the implementation of laws as well as seek the approval of new laws for those who are victims of domestic violence
  • Share the story of Taffi T. Crawford in order to help others to escape from domestic violence situation
  • Provide scholarships to victims of domestic violence